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Build a Blog: Part 0 - Intro

©genehenson5 Feb 20211 minute read

I've debated creating a blog for probably 10 years, but never quite got around to it. I've finally decided to correct that error and go ahead and build one. To give myself something to write about, I decided to document my progress along the way.

To that end, I'll be creating a series of blog posts describing how I implement certain features along the way. So, in general, the website will start out quite simple and I'll build up some things along the way. The first post in the build a blog series will introduce the stack that I'm choosing to use, and we'll go from there.

This is not at all meant to be a tutorial on how to build a blog. It's really just me going through my development process and talking about why I make the decision that I do (right or wrong).

Depending on when you read this, there may or may not be anything interesting here, but, in theory, it should get better over time. So, if this interests you, stay tuned. If not, that's cool too. There's plenty of stuff to read out there.

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